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It's Your Turn To Have A Go!!

Something that I have always loved doing is teaching, inspiring and encouraging others to do something that I enjoy. There is nothing better than watching another person have a go at something new and realise that they enjoy it too! 

When I started out on my stitchscaping adventure, I never thought that other people would be interested enough to have a go themselves and it was with trepidation that I wrote and released my first kit, Summer Sweet. To my amazement it was a huge success and has led me to write and put together several other kits since then and I keep getting asked for more!! 

Click on the kit images below to reveal a pop up with more details and links to where you can purchase each one. 

I love being sent your images of completed kits and am always happy to help if you have a question or would like some advice. Just contact me on any of my social media pages!

Bluebell Garden Tape Option.webp
Bluebell Garden Lace Option.webp
The Naked Stitchscape Front Page.webp
Emerald Isle Kit.webp
Woollydale II Stitchscape Kit.webp
Stitchscape Pebbles.webp
Ladybug Valley Stitchscape Kit.webp
Christmas Mini Hoop II.webp
Fire Flower.webp
Button Mountain Kit.webp
Mini Woollydale.webp
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