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This little piece was made using only four fabrics but experimenting with using them in multiple layers to create a lovely countryside landscape. Assorted sequins have been folded in half and layered to make textured, three-dimensional flower stems that sparkle in the sunshine.


The hoop is finished on the back with a circle of white acrylic felt and a logo sticker and is ready to hang on your wall, prop on your bookcase or display on a mini easel or plate stand (not included). 

The embroidery has been created using layers of pre-printed cotton fabrics which have then been embellished with intricate hand stitches to create a beautifully textured piece.
There may be loose threads at the edges of this piece which have been intentionally left as part of the artist's appreciation of the nature of the fabrics.


The hoop size is a 10cm/4" embroidery hoop which has the following outer dimensions:

Outer Hoop 11cm wide by 11.5cm high (including the hoop's screw)
Hoop Depth 1.5cm 


To read more about this hoop's origins and inspirations, please do pop over to my blog post for a read into the hoop's history. Just click here!

Wheatfield Study Original Stitchscape