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The Stitchscape Swap!

Welcome to the Stitchscape Swap gallery! The Stitchscape Swap is a monthly challenge whereby members sign up and create two 'Artist Trading Cards', or ATCs, a month on a different theme. One of these will be for you to keep, and the other will be sent by post to Dotty Textiles to be swapped with someone else's beautiful creation for you to receive back as happy mail. We are now in our second year of swapping so have a look through the gallery pages for an insight into the wonderful work created last year. 

For more details on how to sign up to the monthly swap, please email so that we can return an email with further information.


Origins of the ATC

The concept of Artist Trading Cards was first developed in the late 1990s by Swiss artist, M. Vänci Stirnemann, who created a catalogue of small artworks for an exhibition and invited other artists to create similar pieces in their own style to ‘trade’ at the end of the exhibition. 

They are always a set size; 2.5 x 3.5 Inches and are often more usually made as a paper item, either painted or collaged for example, but, for the purposes of this swap, they must include fabric and embroidery. 

Monthly Galleries

Click on the images to see the full month's collection

featuring the beautiful work that has already been swapped

2023 Themes  

Web January 23.jpg
Web February 23.jpg
Web March 23.jpg
Web April 23.jpg
WebMay 23.jpg
Web June 23.jpg
Web July 23.jpg
Web August 23.jpg

September: Rockpooling

Sea creatures, shells, rockpooling equipment, tidal rockpools, crabs, seaweed, bucket & spade, holiday memories

October: Toadstool Treasure

Mushrooms, red & white toadstools, the forest floor, fungus, tree mushrooms, fungi clusters, the underside, frills, toadstool fairy

November: Thunder & Lightning

Lightning, dark clouds, silver rain, silver linings, moody landscapes, flashes of light, black and white, electricity, metallic threads

December: Still Reflections

Lakes, Ponds, Puddles, Mountain Mirrors, Urban reflections in glass, shiny baubles or decorations, mirrors, self portrait, 

2022 Themes  

January Snow Capped Album
Web February 22.jpg
Web March 22.jpg
April Rainbow Showers Album
May Bluebells Album
June By The Ocean Album
July Summer Meadow Album
Web August 22.jpg
Web September 22.jpg
Web October 22.jpg
Web November 22.jpg
Web December 22.jpg
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