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A firm favourite thanks to its bold colours and striking design, the original Fire Flower kit has been tweaked and updated, adding in new colours and changing around the techniques and focus but still very much keeping the essence of the original design. Darkened mountains and stunning sunset rays create a fabulous contrast and it's much easier than it looks to create!

Using the pre-printed cotton fabrics, you can stitch as much or as little as you need to which makes it a brilliant project for more cautious embroiderers.


This kit has been designed to be completed in a 15cm embroidery hoop (not included) and includes the backing cloth, 6 fabric pieces, grey lace, 2mm yellow cord, coton perle threads and all stranded embroidery threads. A step-by-step A5 guide booklet and paper template page have also been provided to help you create your own piece of artwork layer by layer.


This is a perfect project for beginners (and more advanced embroiderers) as the instructions coach you through each fabric strip and has plenty of tips and tricks along the way. The majority of stitches used go right back to the basics (back stitch, seed stitch, straight stitch, detached chain stitch...) and includes diagrams on how to execute them. When you have your confidence in the embroidery you can move on to the french knots and bullion knots and by the end you'll be a pro!


All Stitchscape embroidery kits are designed so that every one is truly unique to its maker, whether it's a slightly different placement of the patterned pieces or personal preference on positioning the stitches, not one Stitchscape will be the same when finished. Don't forget to share a photo of your finished piece!